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  • complete fire extinguishers inspection service for companies and shops

  • full service maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers for companies

  • annual fire extinguisher inspection service that guarantees the perfect validity of your fire fighting equipment

  • courses and management training of fire extinguishers for private groups

  • guarantee of maximum satisfaction in new equipment of fire extinguishers and in services of recharge maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers and equipment against fires

your number one fire extinguisher service & inspection

accurate solutions to big companies and small businesses in maintenance service recharge and inspection of fire extinguishers and fire equipment, more than 27 years in the market give us the number one position in the market as the best company of fire extinguishers and equipment - If you are looking for a complete fire extinguisher inspection service to keep your fire fighting equipment up to date, call us and a fire extinguisher specialist will visit at your location.


we have the official guidelines and mandatory standards regarding recharge and maintenance of fire extinguishers, highly trained personnel will visit and inspect your extinguishing equipment, indicating the requirements to be met in order for your equipment to be current and work correctly, in case of having to replace a fire extinguisher our company will supply a temporary fire-fighting equipment.

high quality

we use only the best chemical components for the filling of fire extinguishers, we handle extinguishing agents for all types of fires and fire equipment, we guarantee the correct function of the extinguisher for a minimum of 3 years, fire extinguisher inspection is carried out annually to guarantee the perfect functioning of extinguisher, our extinguishers are manufactured in aluminum cylinders with high American standards .

best price

thanks to the fact that we manufacture our own fire extinguishers we can offer the best prices in the fire extinguishers market to the end user, we have wholesale price for resellers, we handle the majority of existing fire extinguishers in the current market of fire equipment, we have fire extinguishers for personal use, for home, fire extinguishers for industrial use, equipment for firefighters & mobile units for fire fighting.

american service

Being a 100% American company we know our market and its basic needs in terms of fire extinguishers and fire equipment, we handle the highest standards of the market offering the best service you can obtain, our guidelines are approved by the NFPA, offering the best fire extinguisher inspection service, remember we are the number one extinguisher company in the country, let us be your fire extinguisher distributor and supplier.

american fire extinguisher inspection service

your best fire extinguisher supplier

We are the number one company in America with service of recharging and maintenance of fire extinguishers, more than 25 years of experience providing comprehensive solutions of fire extinguishers sales, fire extinguisher training, signaling, complete service of fire extinguisher inspection to keep it always in accordance with the standards Officials issued by law.

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    do not compromise your fire fighting equipment, we are the best company in the united states of america.

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