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  • complete fire extinguishers inspection service for companies and shops

  • full service maintenance and refilling of fire extinguishers for companies

  • annual fire extinguisher inspection service that guarantees the perfect validity of your fire fighting equipment

  • courses and management training of fire extinguishers for private groups

  • guarantee of maximum satisfaction in new equipment of fire extinguishers and in services of recharge maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers and equipment against fires

fire extinguisher classes and types of fire

Before buying a fire extinguisher or asking for a fire extinguisher recharge it is good to know what type of fire extinguisher is required for each type of fire

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fire extinguisher classes & types

abc fire extinguisher inspetcion service

abc fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers for fire abc effectively fight fires using a dry chemical powder especially siliconized ammonium monophosphate that chemically isolates the fire avoiding the chain reaction

bc fire extinguisher inspection

bc fire extinguishers

fire extinguishers type bc discharge a cloud of snow that cancel the fire by eliminating its oxygen, we recommend this extinguisher to take care of the environment, this extinguisher is a clean, non-polluting gas

water fire extinguisher service inspection

water fire extinguishers

The water extinguisher is recommended for type A fire, especially for inexperienced users in fire extinguisher operation, they work by releasing a pressure water jet, penetrates a distance of 16.5 mts in 50 seconds.

fe36 fire extinguisher inspection

fe-36 fire extinguishers

effective for fire type a b and c, friendly with the environment this fe36 fir extinguisher does not leave dusty residues, is not corrosive, very friendly with the user recommended for computer rooms

k guard fire extinguisher for sale

k guard fire extinguishers

This k fire extinguisher is special for the fires set in industrial kitchens, it has a very effective cooling effect that protects kitchen appliances, designed to combat type A and K fires of animal oil origin

halotron fire extinguisher for sale

halotron extinguisher

the halotron fire extinguisher for class a b fires, is a clean substitute agent of halon, ideal for use in closed offices and spaces with computers and technology, does not harm the environment, easy maintenance

mobile units fire extinguisher inspection

mobile fire extinguisher

special mobile unit fire extinguishers to fight fires class a b c and d, recommended for warehouse and very large rooms, use a dry chemical powder, These units are easy to transport to the fire spot

d fire extinguisher service

d fire extinguishers

Class D fire extinguisher is designed for fire fighting in the metallurgical industry in relation to magnesium, it contains a dry powder sodium chloride based extinguishing agent, smooth flow application

high quality fire extinguishers and service

our fire extinguishers are of the best quality, new cylinders of reinforced aluminum 7075 guarantee a useful life for more than 30 years, we have all the official standards required by the authorities of the country, our fire extinguishers have a 3 year warranty against manufacturing failures , likewise we have comprehensive services as fire extinguisher inspection, recharge of fire extinguishers, training in use and management of fire extinguishers, sale of fire extinguishers for all types of fire, annual inspection of equipment against fire, labeling and relocation of fire extinguishers in companies and industrial plants , fire signs and extinguishers, we have the best prices in the current market